Get Better At Chipping The Ball

Av | februar 21, 2024
How exactly do you get better at this now to hit the golf ball? You’ve mastered your golf swing, you’ve even tried avoiding the golf slice, but when it comes to chipping the ball, you find that everybody else is doing better than you. This is where you’re wrong. That’s because it takes time for every golfer to master the golf chip shot. If you want to get better at golf chipping the ball, it’s obvious that you are looking to get better at the game. Why you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Sure, the golf swings look really cool and all that and helps you all, but what matters the most is how to shorten your game.

I mean, let’s admit it, it is always better to hit a 100 yard shot than hitting your ball 40 yards further. The best thing about golf is that you are able to lower your scores, if you ace at playing the short game. So, when you’re about to hit the chip shot, make sure that you use a golf club, which is anything from the 4-iron to the 7-iron. This basically means that you have to use a low loft club to produce the exact effect on the ball that you were looking for.

The ground time and the airtime ratios have to be adhered to, when you’re hitting a golf chip shot. This will help you ascertain exactly, how long the ball should be in flight and when it has to roll over the rest of the way. The closer it gets to the hole, the better it will be to shorten your game. You will always be on an advantage, if you are able to master the golf chipping shot, since that is one area, which some amateur golfers usually ignore in their practice routine. There are some basic things that you have to know, when you’re trying the golf chip shot. They would include certain things like maintaining a proper stance, having a good grip and of course, a proper judgement.

Let’s get on to the part, where you’ll learn how to master the chip shot. If you are looking to hit a small chip shot, it is rather advisable that you use a 9 iron and if the shot requires a bit more distance, the 7 iron would be perfect for you. As for the position of the ball, simply make sure that it’s in the middle of your stance. Your body weight should be a bit more to your left leg and then all you have to do is swing your arm a little with a chop to the head of the club.

A golf chip shot is really not all that complicated, if you understand the dynamics involved in your swing motion. One more thing, it is very much important that you let your hands take control of the club during the hitting motion and not the other way round because then you can be sure that you’ll have a pretty messed up shot. Accuracy and your control over the distance, you want the ball to be traveled to, be the key element towards a perfect golf chip shot and once you’ve achieved that, you’re on your way towards a much shorter game.

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