Expert Advice to Score Good at Mini Golf

Av | februar 21, 2024
Whether it is mini golf, putt-putt or golf in Perth, everyone who hits the course wants to show them off like a pro. Especially, if you are looking to impress your kids or date, you will want to play the game really well. This takes a lot of effort from your end.

So how do you improve your score at Mini Golf Perth? Here is some expert advice to rocket your score –

– Appropriate Putter – Be it an adult or a child, always use a putter that fits you in mini golf Perth. Specifically, the top of the putter should reach to your belt and you should be able to hold in the middle of the grip. This will help you get comfortable and play with ease.

– Tour the Course Before you Start the Game – If you have ever observed, the top players always get into the habit of touring the unfamiliar golf courses in Perth, and note down the details of the hole and strategy before they start. So, walk up to each hole, note down the obstacles, and the challenges on the surfaces that would hamper the ball from reaching the hole. Take some test strokes if possible.

– Focus on the Ball Speed – Work out yourself very hard, so that you can hit the ball with the right amount of force. It is always good to hit the ball hard than feebly, because, the goal is to get close to the hole and weak shots will deviate the ball more based on the surfaces. Stay firm and get the ball speed right.

– Observe your Opponent’s Shots – You can get a clear idea of the bounce strength, the speed that you need to put forth, and the angles which could make the ball reach the destination by watching your opponent’s game. You can either copy their strategy or make mild adjustments to gain a good score.

– Stay Stress Free – if you are stressed of missing a shot, or if you are under any other pressure in the game of mini golf Perth, then you are going to miss your shot for sure as you will lack attention. Any mental distraction is sure to put you down. So, trust your techniques and enjoy your game.

– Dress Appropriately – Opt for a casual look with the best beach going outfit, a great hat and cool sandals when you hit the green.

– Keep a watch over your body weight – If you wish to maintain your view of the perfect straight line, maintain your body weight in the appropriate level.

We hope this article will make it easier for you to score good in the game of mini golf Perth. Always watch out for the above mentioned and take your game to the next level.

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