An extensive guidance towards the requirement of PGA tour card

Av | februar 21, 2024
Since you are a fresher in the domain of golf, you might have wondered previously as to how a golfer can land up on the PGA tour. To play as a member of such tour, you must have a membership card. You can get the membership card by being on the most popular and the top 25 listing of the PGA qualifying tournament. If you are able to finish in the top 25 list of the nationwide money list for the present year or in case you are the winner of the three national golf tournaments in a particular season, then you are eligible to get the membership card.

There are also many other eligibility criteria for getting a membership of the PGA tour card. Some of them are like you must be a major champion, or multiple tournament winners etc. If you belong to the category of top 50 in a lifetime career earnings, then too you are eligible. If you are a golfer who finished ranking between 126 and150 on the money list of the previous year, then there is some conditional status that you must fulfil in order to get a membership.

In case you are a fresher and want to attend the PGA qualifying tournament, then you have to submit an application to the tournament administration and also pay an entry fee for the tour. The PGA tour is usually held during the late fall and is an annual event. Thus always make sure to submit your application before the deadline of the tournament gets over.

Usually the tournament has three stages and also a pre added round known as the pre-qualifying round. All the stages are played in different locations of the country and usually take several months in the process. Usually the top 25 finishers of the final round are eligible for the tour card. Apart from this, you must also be more than 18 years of age by the first round of the PGA tournament of the first tournament of the season to qualify for the tour card.

Unless you have already won a previous PGA qualifying tournament or have played the national tour, you have to earn this card via the pre-qualifying tournament. In case you are an amateur, you must also have a handicap index of minimum two in order to participate in the tournament. This PGA tournament is also known as the qualifying school.

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