Finding The Best Golf Trainer

Av | februar 21, 2024
It is an unending cycle for golfers to constantly try new training aids in a bid to improve their swing and putting skills. There are innumerable trainers available and advertised in golfing magazines and on the Internet. But, the key is to find the best golf trainer that can actually help you to improve your game and hence your scores.

One of the simplest trainers is the weighted golf club. The additional weight of the club not only provides additional exercise to the shoulders and other related muscles, but also provides increased momentum during the strike. You can also improve your swing technique, including your back-swing and your downswing. The weighted club will also enable you to hit the ball farther without straining your back. Once your muscles get accustomed to the additional weight, then you will be able to work the same wonders with your regular club.

Another trainer that could specifically help your swing is the golf swing plane trainer. This is a large contraption that is usually circular and is made of round PVC pipes. These pipes are assembled at an angle to your body and help you by guiding your club along its swing path. Many golf ranges have also installed these trainers to guide their members. The golf swing plane trainer is specifically used to improve your swing plane and path. Some golf swing plane trainers are also available with rubber bands that provide resistance, when hooked up with your arms. These bands provide the vital exercise that is needed to improve your shoulder, back and arm muscles.

A golf club with a hinge near the head or the grip is another trainer that can help in improving your swing. This club will teach you, on how to maintain a fluid motion and also on the correct angle, when you swing. You can also hit the balls with this club and the beauty of this invention is that it provides you with instant feedback every time you take a swing. These clubs are sold with an accompanying instructional video, in order for you to correctly use the club.

Along with the mechanical trainers, the market is also awash with hi-tech laser trainers that use one or two lasers to guide you on the correct plane of your club and the path that needs to be followed for that perfect swing. A training video and a training mat that can be used for putting and even for long shots too accompany these. These lasers are fitted near the grip of your club, in order to track your swing motion.

A costlier hi-tech trainer uses the combination of a high-speed camera linked with a computer. In this method, you will need to hook up the camera with your computer and load the software. The camera will follow your entire swing action, feed the photos or video to the computer, which will then analyze your action and display the errors that you have committed along with the right method that you need, in order to improve. Even though this method is quite costly, it can provide you with visual proof and also guide you visually, in order to improve.

The best way to find the best golf trainer that could suit your playing style is to first try them out. If you plan to order it through the Internet, then try the product at a friend’s place or a golf range first, if that is possible. These golf trainers can thus help you to improve your swing and your putting techniques and this could translate into improved scores.

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