Life of Tiger Woods is like the Phoenix

Av | februar 21, 2024
There are many people who are inspiring figures in our lives. They might have faults and vices, but their zeal to correct them and return to normal life is awe-inspiring and highly encouraging. One such person is Tiger Woods. The great American golfer has seen some of the worst times of his life in the recent past. But he has gathered back all strength and courage and decided to give a fight back. He is an inspiration to many people who have been bogged down by life but have been able to rise from there to reach the zenith. The life of Woods is like the Phoenix, who has the capacity of rising from its own ashes.

Apart from various kinds of personal turmoil, the age of Woods is also playing a major factor in his career. It is quite difficult to compete with young golfers in their 20s, when Tiger Woods will be 36 this year. Many people are also saying that the era of Tiger Woods is towards its end. But the sportsman proved everyone wrong and came back with a bang into the international golfing arena. Though the previous two years went in a drought for the master golfer, he has tasted success again in the last month. People are optimistic that this win can definitely turn his win-drought season into a prosperous one in 2012.

When Tiger Woods was at the peak of his career, he had earned a whopping $125 million on an average every year till in 2009 his personal life got shattered with the much talked about and hyped sex scandal. Some of the major brands that Woods endorsed have been with him in his ups and downs. Some of them opine that though it would be difficult for Woods to cross the figure of $125 million, he might go quite close to the amount if not surpass it in the next year.

Tiger Woods is himself a brand and the charm of a brand cannot vanish or diminish overnight. This is the reason that many sponsors have put their trust and money in him with full confidence that the master golfer will make a grand comeback for sure. However, everybody has unanimous view of one thing that he has to avoid any kind of character damage further and his game has to speak for it. If that is handled well, Woods has many more years of service for golf.

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