No Rush, No Crash: Golf Nutrition for the 21st Century

Av | februar 21, 2024
There are many different kinds of supplements and golf drinks available for sportsmen. Most of them, unfortunately, are built for the sudden “kick,” rather than a slow and steady fuel. Everything that rises with a kick like this eventually leads to a crash of equal proportions. GolferAID, which is focused more on golf nutrition than golf drinks, was developed by a team of health conscious golfers to provide added focus and strength.

First off, GolferAID contains a variety of ingredients, all of which are natural. Second, it contains elements that not only boost the body’s energy production, but also calm the mind and strengthen the nervous system. Some of the ingredients included are:

• Bilberry, a naturally occurring plant native to Scotland, has been used for years as a vision supplement. GolferAID also contains vitamins A, C, and E, which are also associated with enhanced eyesight.

• Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are essential for proper muscle contraction – and more importantly – relaxation. The soreness that develops over several rounds is largely due to the increasing shortage of this golf nutrition between strokes.

• Epimedium, another ingredient of GolferAID, has long been used in Chinese medicine for its strengthening effects. This is opposed to the sugar rush from other drinks that overload (and later overwhelms) the body with energy. GolferAID works wonders mostly because it helps the body help itself, rather than forcing it to appear stronger than it is.

• GolferAID also uses blue agave as a sweetener, which helps players avoid that dreaded sugar crash. Blue agave has a very low glycemic index. Basically this means that it releases its sugar slowly rather than all at once.

Golf drinks that offer the right kind of golf nutrition work this way; they don’t “shock” the nervous system like caffeine or artificial sugars. Plus, players receive the same amount of energy consistently spread over a period of time. For a sportsman, that’s the difference between slogging 18 holes and golfing 18 holes.

If you’d like to make a difference in your game throughout the New Year, then consider the benefits of this nutritional supplement drink. It’s easy, refreshing, and can be transported anywhere. See why GolferAID is fast becoming a preferred source of golf nutrition throughout the United States. With 35 times more supplements than well known brand names this supplemental drink is changing the arena for golf drinks around the world.

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