PGA Tour, the world’s biggest organization for professional golfers

Av | februar 21, 2024
The PGA Tour was a separate entity initially branched off from the PGA of America. It is actually an organization of professional golf players. Later the golf players created this organization and they settled to work for a division which was a fully independent division having a Tournament Policy Board of ten members. But it authoritatively changed to the PGA Tour in the later years.

The PGA Tour is the organizer who arranges the professional golf tours for the most important people in the United States and North America. They organize most of the events on the flagship competition as well as the Champion’s Tour for golfers with an age of fifty or older. They also arrange nation wide tour for professional golf players who have not yet qualified in the PGA Tour. It is headquarter in Florida. The PGA Tour has also covered extensively outside the United States mainly in the United Kingdom.

Professional golfers established it in United States and gradually it was spun off into its own separate organization for tournament golfers, as contrasting to club players who are the center of attention of the PGA Tour of America. The PGA Tour organization runs forty three of the week to week skilled golf events on the tournament known as the PGA Tour, and the residual events on the PGA Tour are run by some special organizations that also run many other important events. The PGA Tour also conducts an annual Qualifying Tournament, which is a six-round tournament. It has many finishers and ties. It also accepts rights to play PGA Tour on the next year.

The top one hundred or more money-winners of the PGA Tour receive a tour card for the following season at the end of the year. The PGA Tour also provides them exemption to qualify in most of the tournaments for the next season or the next year. However at some events, considered as invitational’s, exemptions will be applicable only to the former year’s top seventy players. Golf players who were ranked from in between one hundred and twenty five to one hundred and fifty obtain a provisional and conditional tour card, which gives priority to the players for places that are not taken up by players with full cards. Those players can also develop and enhance their status and recapture complete PGA Tour privileges by going to the authorized school, going straight to the final stage.

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