Correct Your Golf Slices

Av | februar 21, 2024
A slice is generally a miss-hit by most golfers. It is an unintentional shot, and the golf ball moves in a banana like shape, curving from left to right for right-handed golfers. The ball travels in such shape due to the open clubface and the swing angle of the stroke. This is the most discouraging instance for a golfer, but it happens to all of us. A few pointers that have to be kept in mind to correct your slice are

Position yourself: If you think you should stand more towards your left in order to avoid the ball being sliced, trust me, your are thinking wrong. You are going to put the ball into an even more complex rest. Your shoulders have to be set right, the hips should be correctly positioned and your feet have to in-line with your shoulders. During swing and hit action, your head has to be behind the ball till you release the ball from its position. Your hips and arms should be properly coordinated in order to eliminate the slice.

The swing: After you have set your posture, concentrate on the ball and on the cup. Conduct practice swings to loosen your wrist and get ready for the shot. Hit the ball from the interior of the path-line and drag the club with the ball for about 3-4 inches. This gives a perfect travel line for the ball to reach the cup/hole. Not dragging the club might give chances for the ball to take a small leap and change its direction, thereby causing a slice. For a straight, the swing should start from 0 degrees and the impact should be at an 80 degree angle from inside. This helps the ball to spin during its trajectory.

Positioning the club: Ensure that the distance between the ball and the club swing is about a club size and the club-head 4-5 inches away from the line of travel. The angle of the swing should be in angle with your golf club. Therefore, always use appropriate clubs for each stroke. The swing action should be from inside to the outside.

Hold and grip on the club: The position of your hands and fingers determine the intensity of the shot. Your thumb and index finger of both hands, should form a «v» shape and should be directing towards your right shoulders. It is opposite for left handed golfers. Place your right thumb and left hand on the shaft. Make sure your right palm is covering the left thumb. Here you have a perfect grip on the club. The grip on to the shaft should not be very tight. If your forearms swivel anti-clockwise to the shot, it means you have hit the right shot and avoided slice.

Remember, most slices are caused due to golfer’s swing from out to in. Important things to be kept in mind are position, grip and angle of swing. Practicing all the above tips, frequently, can help your get rid of those unintentional slices, causing you frustration in your game.

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