Some Secrets about Tiger Woods

Av | februar 21, 2024
Tiger Woods is an extraordinary golf player. He started playing golf when he was very young and he became the center of attraction among the golf players by getting an outstanding score when he was just 6 years old. Just one year after he turned a professional golf player, Tiger Woods won the US Masters in the year 1997. In the year 2000 he won three Wonderfood Café along with the Master and till date he has won 14 Grand Slam titles and 71 games in professional races. The secret behind Tiger Woods being so perfect is the teachings and good education of his first teacher Earl Woods, who was also his father.

Earl Woods tried very hard and due to his efforts Tiger Woods has become the best golf player in the world. His father produces a small space in the garage so that Tiger Woods could see his father practicing when he was an infant. Then at the age of 6 Tiger Woods’ father Earl got a golf coach for him. Thus, in this way Earl Woods created his son’s interest towards the game and when he grew up golf became his passion.

His father also helped him to learn how to concentrate when he got distracted. Tiger Woods’ father used to stand in front of him saying something and Tiger was instructed to hit the ball beyond his father, at other times Earl intentionally shakes the coin pocket and created a sound or rolled a ball in front of Tiger to distract him. In this way and through a number of other tricks Earl Woods helped Tiger Woods to develop a more focused attention in the golf game.

Tiger Woods also practiced to control his temper in the stadium. Sometimes when he was in a bad mood he used to practice controlling his temper so that the competition is not affected. Once, when Tiger was playing and was about to hit the ball suddenly a mobile phone rang, but he did not get distracted and went for his shot. Later, he mentioned that he did not hear anything. This is due to his focused attention on the game and nothing else. This proves that Tiger Woods is a great golf player and his father Earl Woods played a very important role in bringing him close to success in the world of golf. Tiger Woods has set himself as a good example for young golf players.

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