Some important golf tips to sharpen your game

Av | februar 21, 2024
If you are a budding golf player, then here are some very important golf tips to help you sharpen your golf skills like the swing including the ball position, backswing golf tips and the down swing golf tips. If you are rather serious about your game, then make sure to practice these golf tips on a regular basis and watch the progress in your game.

Some ball position golf tips:

To make the iron shots precise and crisp, make sure that you do not hit the golf ball in the downward manner. But in order to achieve the downward blow of the ball, position the ball in proportion to the stance that you have taken. Thus to hit the iron shots, practice the below mentioned golf tips while positioning your body in such a manner that the ball is at the centre of your stance for the shorter irons like the 8, 9 irons as well as the wedges. For the mid irons like the 5, 6 and the 7 irons, place the ball one forward from the centre and for the fairway clubs like the 3 and the 5 woods and the hybrid clubs, place the ball two forward from the center. In case of the driver, place the ball three balls forward from the center.

Some full swing golf tips:

In case of the back swing, rotate the club keeping the arms and the body at the back while moving the body weight to the inside of your back leg. For completing the back swing, hinge the wrists as they are approaching the waist level. While at the top of the back swing, make sure that the leading arm is straight and most of your body weight is on your back leg and also make sure that your back knee is flexed. Rotate your shoulders up to 90 degrees while at the top of the back swing and rotate your hips to 30 degrees.

Down swing golf tips:

When you wish to down swing, shift your body weight to your front leg. This will make sure that your hips, arms and the shoulders will also follow this shift of the weight. Check that the head is behind the ball. Continue with the turning of your body even after the impact position so as to make your club and the arms extend towards the target.

These important golf tips will help you improve your game to a great extent.

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